Sports medicine a super speciality branch of medicine in which deals with treatment & prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.
YOS Sports Physicians are experts in Sports Medicine as well as Musculoskeletal radiology and have a vast international experience in treating both professional and amateur athletes from different sports disciplines, with a primary objective to help every athlete prevent injuries, recover faster & perform well.

YOS Sports
Medicine Services:

Sports Medicine Consultation:

Early and comprehensive understanding of an injury/musculoskeletal problem is critical for appropriate advise and interventions. The multidisciplinary team of sports physicians, musculoskeletal radiologists, sports physiotherapists and strength & conditioning professionals ensures that every patient/athlete at YOS gets platinum standard care.

Radiological assessment:

YOS Sports physicians are highly qualified and experienced in Radiological assessment (X-rays, MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound scans) of musculoskeletal injuries. YOS also provides a non-invasive diagnostic and dynamic ultrasound scanning to arrive at precise diagnosis of injuries.

Image guided Injections:

Image guided injections are used for the management of acute as well for chronic conditions like tendinopathies, ligament tears, muscle tears, frozen shoulder etc. The injection therapies not only help in ensuring that our patients are pain free but would also help in early recovery and fasten up the rehabilitation. Injection under imaging guidance assures medication delivery at the intended target structures accurately. There are number of interventional procedures being offered at YOS, some of which include intraarticular/bursal/peritendinous/intraarticular steroid injection, hydro dilatation, High volume injections, Platelet rich plasma injections, perineural injections/nerve root blocks and facet joint injections.
These injections are completely safe and administered in a sterile environment keeping in mind best practice as defined by National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), UK.

Regenerative sports medicine:

Number of regenerative therapies offered at YOS include platelet rich plasma, prolotherapy and Hyaluronon injections. YOS Physicians are highly specialised in image guided orthobiological treatments for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. PRP therapy, one the most commonly used for to encourage tissue regeneration, comprises of using derivates of one’s own blood to kick start the healing process when it might have stalled or slowed down. PRP therapy has been around for about 20 years now but has mostly been used for elite professional athletes. PRP has been touted as panacea by numerous sports professionals across the world and has salvaged careers by restoring various injured tissues and joint surfaces. PRPs have also been extensively used to heal degenerated tissues and joints thereby improving function.
Hyaluronnan, another commonly used injectable substance is a the lubricant that is naturally produced in the body and helps smooth functioning of synovial joints like knees, hips, ankles and shoulders. Sometimes, due to chronic heavy workloads or due to degenerative changes, this natural joint lubricant ‘dries up’. It is now possible to top up the joints with this lubricant by injecting an identical lab made substance that has been shown to have virtually no side effects and can significantly reduce pain and stiffness as well as restoring function.
We at YOS, in keeping with our promise to deliver top quality sports health are making these interventions available to everyone.


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