Out sports scientists have a result-oriented approach, science-backed perfor-mance evaluation system, and years of expertise in strength and conditioning. We cater to a wide variety of clients and welcome hobbyists, enthusiast and professional, elite athletes.

What does a Sports Scientist at YOS do?

Need analysis of the athlete:

Our sports scientists analyse your needs with respect to your sport or activity. A sport specific biomechanical analysis gives us a good understanding of your requirements and helps us set up goals for you.

Functional Movement Screening (FMS):

FMS identifies imbalances in mobility and stability in functional movements and possible asymmetries which may make you sus-ceptible to injuries. FMS assesses the predisposing factors of injuries so that an individualised strength and conditioning plan can be prepared to prevent these injuries and improve performance.

Long term athlete development (LTAD):

LTAD focuses on sport-specific training, strength and conditioning and work load management of young athletes at an optimum level. The aim to enhance their physical abilities as they acquire skill so that they can pursue their objective of achieving excel-lence one step at a time, uninterrupted, back by solid scientific training methods.

Annualised exercise program:

How we wish we could train any time and pick up where we started after a break. Unfortunately empirical methods of training haven’t been found to be as effective as well planned work load based calculated ones. We utilise that data that we collect from you, combine it with your tournament schedule and provide you with a comprehensive year round plan, the details of which are worked out based on your continuous evalutations. This ensures that you rock up on day one of competition fully prepared, con-fident and fresh!

Return to sports:

Based on internationally accepted LTAD principles, our scientific fitness programmes will help you run faster, jump higher, kick harder, throw farther and swing better.Our sports physicians, physiotherapists and the sports scientists col-laborate to help you return to sports and activity after injury or post-operatively at the earliest. We want you to aim high and learn new skills and continue to challenge your self while we keep you prepared with the right physical attributes of strength, flexibil-ity, coordination, coordination, balance and power.


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